Build a Catio!

Catios can be simple or elaborate; inexpensive or extreme. They have the common goal of keeping a cat safe while allowing outside time, but otherwise come in many different forms. Consider these design ideas then see below for a list of links to resources. We do not recommend any particular style or brand but hope to make it easier to keep Cats Safe at Home™!

1. Cat-only catios can be fairly inexpensive to build, can be small, and can be built in an otherwise unused space.

2. Cat and human shared catios can be transformed from an existing patio just by enclosing it with screen or wire or can be a new addition to your home. This option can also provide a great shaded, bug-free setting for people.

3. Construction can be pre-made kits or fencing, DIY, or built by a hired handyman or contractor.

4. Catio access can be through a window, door, or wall cut, and either direct or through a tunnel to another location (or add the tunnel just for fun!). You can also carry kitty to a free-standing feature.

5. Cool features are limited only by space, weather, safety concerns, and creativity! Consider ramps, cat trees, and boulders for climbing; driftwood and posts for scratching; cat-safe plants for shade and catnip for enjoyment; and fountains and perches for relaxation. Some designs incorporate a litterbox to reduce odors indoors. And of course, if space allows, lounge chairs for humans to relax with their favorite felines!


We do not specifically endorse these builders. Help us grow our list! If you build catios send us a message!

  • ConstructionReConstruction
    Jim Petrov, (503) 680-3681
    send email

  • Custom Catios
    Michael Woltersdorf, (503) 819-1592
    send email

  • Neil Kelly 
    Jenn Harbick, (503) 335-9222
    send email

  • Fruitful Eden Cedar Creations
    (971) 208-7060
    send email

  • Brad Vandehey, General Contractor
    (503) 260-5849

CAT FENCING, DOORS, SCREENING & WOOD Wide variety of cat-specific doors and flaps for any entry type you can think of: screen, glass, walls, sliding doors.
Easy Pet Fence The Kitty Corral Cat Fence from is DIY cat fencing available in heights 6 and 7.5’ and offers superior protection against external predators while providing safe, easy outdoor time. 
Purr..fect Fence These outdoor cat fence enclosures can be installed free-standing or added to an existing fence or wall to make it cat-proof.
Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Support the community and shop reclaimed building materials at one of 4 Portland metro locations.
ReBuilding Center: Build the community through reuse and shop reclaimed building materials at the Rebuilding Center.


Catio Spaces A variety of styles with step-by-step instructions; $50 (Mention Promo Code PDXCATIOTOUR and a contribution will be made to the Cats Safe at Home campaign)


C&D Pet Products Redwood and galvanized steel wire; starting at $439
Cats on Deck PVC pipe and steel mesh panels; starting at $500
Habitat Haven Powder-coated galvanized steel posts and mesh; starting at $800
Purrfect Fence Fenced enclosures installed free-standing or added to an existing fence; starting at $395
SunCATcher Enclosures Powder-coated wrought iron posts and metal mesh; starting at $1,200


Drs Foster and Smith Fun Run Outdoor Tunnel Nylon mesh tunnel with spring steel frame; $23
Kittywalk Mesh enclosure kits; starting at $140
Purrfect Fence Free-standing and/or portable; starting at $99 (portable playpen)
Wild Whiskers Nylon mesh portable enclosures; starting at $80


The Catio Tour Photo Album See photos of Catio Tour catios, others we love, and share yours!
Dog run inspired catio A personal description, with many photos, of a 4-year project
The Ultimate Catio How-To Guide Includes many of the links above