4th Annual Catio Tour

Self-guided tour in Portland-metro area
Open 10am to 2pm
Suggested donation: $10/registrant

FCCO and the Audubon Society of Portland have formed a truly unique partnership to motivate a change in our community. Both organizations agree that by having fewer pet cats roaming freely it is better for the cats and for wildlife. We created the Catio Tour to offer inspiration for those looking for ways for their cats to have safe outdoor time.

The goal of the Catio Tour is to educate our community about how outdoor cat enclosures keep pet cats and wildlife safer. We hope to inspire people to build one for their cats. Catios offer pet cats healthy exercise time as well as safety from outdoor hazards like cars, predators and poisons.

So, what is a catio?
Check out this album of photos from last year's Tour. Also, read this article about catios.