Education + Outreach

While FCCO actively reduces feral cat population through our spay/neuter clinics, surgery alone will not eliminate the tragedy of cat overpopulation. Education is key and is an important part of the mission of FCCO. You can help by spreading the word! Print out and distribute our flyers and brochures wherever appropriate.


Look for our volunteers at street fairs and events! Through these fairs we are able to educate a wide range of people and frequently find new volunteers who often feel helpless about the plight of feral and stray cats and become a part of our growing network.

Some of the best opportunities come from those who don't understand the reality of a feral cat's daily life and the overwhelming number of abandonment issues that exist. One such conversation in a day has the potential to save at least one litter of kittens. Several of these dialogues can surely have an impact over time.

People often relate the problem to that in their own community and see the potential for change. Often times they walk away feeling empowered to make a difference when they realize that there are resources available to help them.

We are always looking to expand our education program. If you have ideas for more outreach, we want to hear from you.