Donate to FCCO

Option 1: Contribute through the GIVE!GUIDE. 
WHAT is the Give!Guide? Willamette Week's Give!Guide is an annual year-end giving website showcasing non-profit organizations in the Portland area. 

WHY donate through the Give!Guide?
1. It's super easy and fun! And, it's a great way to show the community how much we care about feral cats.
2. If you are 35 or under you can help earn FCCO an extra $1,500 (nonprofits with the most of these donors will be awarded $1,500). 
3. You get special incentives for donating. No matter how much you give, you'll get some cool stuff.
4. Another bonus: there are BIG GIVE DAYS sponsored by the Give!Guide where all donors on these days are entered in a drawing for amazing prizes.

Option 2: Make a direct one-time donation. 
To use your credit card, click the button. To contribute using your PayPal account click here

Option 3: Contribute monthly, effortlessly, through our MEW (Monthly Electronic Withdrawal) program
Using either your checking or PayPal account you can help sustain FCCO's program and services. 

Option 4: Make an Honor or Memorial Gift
We'll send a card out within a few days to someone announcing your kind gesture, either in honor or memory of a cat lover or their furry friend.

Donate in Honor or Memory

Option 5: Donate by check or money order
Mail your contribution to: Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, P.O. Box 82734, Portland, OR  97282

With your generous support, we can make a difference in the lives of more feral and stray cats. Your donation will be used to offer medical services including spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations, as well as educating caregivers in our communities about the importance of TNR (trap-neuter-return).

Your donation to FCCO goes a long way:

  • $30 will spay/neuter one cat
  • $60 will neuter one male and spay one female
  • $150 will spay/neuter a mother & four kittens
  • $300 will spay/neuter a colony of 10 cats
  • $1,500 will sponsor a 50-cat clinic
  • $3,000 will fund a whole 100-cat clinic

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible. 
Tax id: 93-1168181