FCCO is a spay/neuter program and not a full-service veterinary hospital.

Spay/Neuter Form

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This form will take approximately 3 minutes to complete and will speed up the process for making your appointment. Please note: clinics are often filled in advance - for the safety of the cats DO NOT TRAP WITHOUT AN EXISTING RESERVATION.

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Colony and Trapping Information
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It is FCCO's policy that cats are brought to the clinic in humane traps. I have or will borrow from FCCO live traps, and agree to not use cat carriers:
I can provide a safe, warm (cool in summer) location for cats in traps before and after the clinic:
I can transport the cats to and from FCCO's clinic in Portland:
Select the days you prefer to come to a clinic. On their clinic date, you'll drop your cat(s) off in the morning and pick them up later the same afternoon.
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FCCO may email me their monthly update "WebTails" that includes event information, cat stories, tips and more, and occasionally send other messages about services for feral and stray cats. *
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Please be sure you see a message stating your form has been successfully submitted. If you have any problems please contact us at 503-797-2606. After we receive your form you will receive a follow up call. You do NOT have an appointment for a clinic until you have spoken with us on the phone. We will email you clinic documents, directions, and further trapping information.