Give Mama a Break!

Below are stories of cats whose lives were changed when their caregiver brought them to FCCO. You can help break the endless cycle of breeding for cats just like them!

“We moved to the rural area of Warren, Oregon seven years ago with no cats. Our new neighbors had cats but for some reason they stopped feeding them. My husband started feeding the few that were coming around the house. It's now September 2018 and when I open my front door in the morning these guys are waiting for their morning breakfast.

My husband and I felt like we were losing the battle but didn’t give up. We have brought in 26 cats to the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon so far. We have found homes for some of the new kittens that we were able to catch. It costs us a lot each month to feed these feral cats, but we have made friends with six of the feral cats and now they come into the house to eat and lounge around.

Its been great to have a place like the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon to bring these feral cats to. Keep up the good work!”

~ Rayne. F.

“Thanks for all your help in being part of the solution to our neighborhood’s cat population problem!
Everyone in our area will be much relieved that it’s finally going to be in control, without the baby kittens growing up and having even MORE baby kittens themselves!”
— Christina F.

Over the past years Sheri brought 25 cats from Aurora, OR, to FCCO to be spayed/neutered. One very elusive kitty, Peppermint, was nearly impossible to be trapped, although Sheri tried many times to capture her. We are so happy Sheri was finally able to trap Peppermint - the last unaltered cat in the colony - and get her spayed, vaccinated and treated for parasites this past September. Peppermint is now retired from her mama duties and can relax on Sheri’s deck without contributing to the breeding cycle!

“The grey kitty, Basil, is Peppermint's kitten from last year. I got him when he was only a day or two old and found in an herb garden. That little kitten was bottle fed, along with his sister, Luna. Basil is my therapy cat. He's such a wonderful cat.

When I could get kittens soon enough, I’d bottle feed them so they’d become exceptional pets. Now that all my cats are finally fixed, I think those days are over for me.”

~ Sheri O.

“Thank you for your services. It is so nice to have an organization like yours, having compassion for stray and feral cats.”
— Jay H.

“I moved to Beavercreek, OR, about a year ago and there was a single stray cat who just kept coming in the house every chance she could get. Well, about six months later one cat turned to eight cats when she gave birth to seven kittens in my shed! I need help!

~ Allyn P.

Allyn brought Mama Cat and her kittens to FCCO to be spayed/neutered. She also was able to bring the presumed father (he is a brown tabby). The kittens were very tame, napping together much of the time, and after their surgeries were transferred on our Kitten Caboose to the Oregon Humane Society to find forever homes. Mama and Papa went home, but will never be responsible for creating surprise litters of kittens again!

“I’m so grateful to have heard about FCCO. Totally worth the drive from Salem! Thanks for providing these services for stray and feral cats in our communities.”
— Lauren P.

Spicer - aka Spice - was our Cat of the Day in August 2016. Her caregiver Amy, from Vancouver, WA, had been trying to trap crafty Spice for over two years! Spicer would never enter Amy's traps, but would nudge the food out with a paw through the gaps. Amy finally had success when she put original recipe KFC into the trap. Spice is still doing well today - no more litters for her.

“Spice (brown tabby with white chest) still comes to eat, but usually we catch her on the field camera at night. She is elusive! Onyx (tuxedo) was one of the first cats eight years ago. He was trapped with 15 others as an older kitten and is still going strong. We’ve tried to bring him inside but he is happier with his heated cat house on the deck. Stormy (blue and white) and Catmando (black) were a couple years later with another 11 cats. They too live on the back deck.

Gus and Lucky both decided to live inside. Lucky plays in the fenced-in garden on nice days, but Gus usually hangs out with the other senior cats in the sun inside. Lucky, whose mom is Spice) was a kitten when we caught her.

We are in the process of building an indoor/outdoor catio (thanks to the Catio Tour inspiration!) to hopefully help them winter over better this year.”

~ Amy T.

“ You really do a wonderful and needed service. Thank you so much!.”
— David D.

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