Purrs of thanks to everyone who celebrated No-Labor Day with us! Your support helped us make the $10,000 match from the Dean L. Baker Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation!

Your gift today will still help prevent labor in cats. Thank you!


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Your support is a big factor in our formula for positive change as FCCO is supported solely by donations.


Our Annual No-Labor Day Celebration is a “non-event”. 
We hope you will stay home, enjoy time with your kitties, and donate the amount you would have spent attending a party!
Thank you for your support!

Meet Boo, our 100,000th cat!

On Friday, July 19, 2019, we celebrated FCCO's 100,000th cat helped! This significant accomplishment is something for everyone to celebrate as the impact in our communities is so great.

Our landmark kitty is named Boo and is cared for by Jason in Woodburn, OR. Jason and his family moved into a new home a couple years ago, and last year noticed a cat was living under the house. The cat ended up having three kittens, but only the mama and one kitten ended up staying in the area. The mama cat ended up having a second litter this spring and Jason knew it was time to get the cats spayed/neutered before there were more. Boo, his mom and all of his littermates were spayed/neutered and vaccinated at FCCO. (Photo: Kathi Lamm, Lamm Photography)