Special Purrs of Thanks

Harley is a Scout with Troop 611. His experience with feral cats led him to make feral cat shelters for his Eagle Scout project in the Spring of 2019, enlisting the construction assistance of fellow scouts. Here’s Harley’s story:

Mama and a kitten from her last litter before she was spayed at FCCO

Mama and a kitten from her last litter before she was spayed at FCCO

A couple years ago I found a small kitten in my yard. Turns out this kitten belonged to a feral cat that lived in the neighborhood. We named the feral cat Mama Cat. My family and I felt bad for her, so we went online and learned how to make cat shelters. She delivered her third litter in one of the shelters. On her 3rd litter we knew we had to do something. She was having kittens, and her kittens were having kittens. This is when we learned of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and the services that they provided. The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, also known as FCCO, is a non-profit organization supported solely by donations.

Services are donation based and include: traps, spay or neuter surgery, pain relief medication, vaccines, and flea treatment. They will ear-tip the cat on the right ear. It’s a simple snip that shows a cat has been spayed or neutered.

Not only am I raising awareness for the FCCO, I’m collecting donations in any form to make feral cat shelters for my Eagle project. I will be collecting donations and supplies during the month of February so I can start my project in March. Thank you!


We are purring with thanks for Harley’s family’s dedication to Mama Cat and her kittens (that’s Mama and one of the kittens in the photo), and for Harley’s kindness and efforts to help even more cats like them!