January 23, 2019

Karen Kraus, Executive Director
Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
503-797-2606, ext. 105



Free spay/neuter services for 130 feral and stray cats
From Marion, Linn, and Polk Counties

Portland, Oregon The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) received a generous grant from the Karen M. Schroth Charitable Foundation for Animals to provide FREE spay/neuter services for 130 feral and stray cats. This special is available for cats from Marion, Linn, and Polk counties. In addition to the FREE spay/neuter services, $25 gas cards are available for people transporting 10 or more cats to FCCO, which is located off of I-5 in SW Portland. 

Now is the perfect time to spay/neuter cats to prevent future litters of kittens. Spring breeding season is right around the corner and is the time when unaltered cats often exhibit nuisance behaviors, including fighting, spraying, and yowling. These behaviors are associated with breeding and are reduced or even eliminated when cats are fixed.

Anyone from Marion, Linn, or Polk County who is feeding feral, stray, or barn cats qualifies for this special offer, regardless of their income. Services include the spay/neuter surgery, as well as rabies and distemper vaccines, flea treatment, and an ear-tip for identification.

FCCO has humane live traps available to safely catch and transport cats, and can provide training and best practices for catching feral cats so that even if you haven’t trapped before you’ll be successful. [see trapping video here]

Help the feral and stray cats in your community this spring! To schedule an appointment call 503-797-2606 or visit feralcats.com. Space is limited, so call today.


The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, a 501c3 organization supported solely through donations, is a spay/neuter program for feral, stray, and pet cats living in Oregon and southwest Washington. Our mission is to improve the welfare and reduce the population of feral cats in our area. Feral and stray cat services are provided at no charge. Low-cost services are available for pet cats. We have spayed and neutered more than 96,000 cats since 1995. For more information please visit feralcats.com.

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