167 Cats at Special Weekend Clinic

A special all-weekend clinic

Saturday, October 3rd: 127 cats from Othello, Washington were spayed/neutered at our clinic. Sunday, October 4th: An additional 40 cats from Othello were spayed/neutered at our clinic. 

At this point the Othello team feels like most of the cats have been trapped and brought to our clinic. There is a plan in place with the one veterinarian serving their community to spay/neuter any remaining cats. This highlights the importance of the eartip indicating that a cat has already been spayed/neutered.

The cats were trapped and transported by a team of volunteers who work on an online show called Animal House TV. While filming an episode of the show they found an exploding population of feral and stray cats in this rural, depressed community. They wanted to help them. They worked with the community for months and once they had them on board for Trap-Neuter-Return, they reached out to FCCO. 

Support spay/neuter for feral and stray cats. It makes a difference in so many lives.

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