Your Vote Can Help the Cats!

Vote for $1,000 for the Cats +
Our Amazing Volunteer, Gracia!


$1,000 for the cats + $1,000 for our amazing volunteer, Gracia, if she is selected for the Mud Bay FUTY Festival Volunteer Award of Excellence!


At 80 years young, Gracia volunteers at more FCCO outreach events than anyone. You might also have seen her at the Furball or, in past years, helping in our clinic.

Gracia found FCCO fifteen years ago when she was nearing retirement. She wanted to give back and looked into causes near to her heart. It was her love of cats that brought her to FCCO. She started volunteering in our clinic cleaning traps and watching the cats recover from their spay/neuter surgery. She enjoyed working closely with the cats for five years, but her true passion and incredible talent is being their voice.

With her lively spirit, unfailing cheerfulness, and drive to get the message out to the community, she is a natural at outreach and fundraising. She is an inspiration to all who have the opportunity to work with her. At outreach events it is her mission to connect with every person who walks past our booth - truly every single person - and her genuine enthusiasm and engaging style make that happen.

Gracia applies this same passion to fundraising where she is exceptional at collecting auction items, and works at our annual Furball fundraiser engaging guests to bid on items. Her spirit is contagious and she motivates others to a higher level helping make this important event a success.

Asked why she still volunteers, Gracia replies, "Do you have to ask? It is for the cats. They can't speak for themselves."

Each person gets just ONE vote.  Voting ends August 20, 2018.

BottleDrop's Cans for Cats!

Cans for Cats!

BottleDrop is the newest way to help the cats!

Did you know that there are BottleDrop redemption locations around the city where you can drop of your returnable bottles and cans and the money will go to the cats?  

Here's all it takes:

Step 1:  Come by FCCO and pick up a special blue donation bag with an FCCO label
Step 2:  Fill up the blue bag with returnable deposit bottles and cans
Step 3:  Drop off at a local Redemption Center near you (find one here)
Step 4:  The money from the cans will be deposited into FCCO's account to help the cats!

It's that easy! 

Already have a BottleDrop account? You can also donate funds from one account to FCCO. Click here to transfer funds. If you have questions, please contact Ashley for help. Purrs of thanks for helping!



Tour FCCO's Spay/Neuter Clinic!

Tours are held monthly at 10am, typically on the LAST Thursday of the month (check calendar), at our headquarters in SW Portland (4522 SW Water Ave., Portland). Come see how we are making the difference in the lives of so many cats and their caregivers!

Things to know:

  • The tour will be approximately 1/2 hour.
  • Reservations are required. Space is limited.
  • A spay/neuter clinic will be in process (approximately 35 cats expected).
  • Medical procedures that may be seen, but are not limited to, might include: spaying, neutering, needle injections (ie, vaccinations and analgesics), and ear tipping. Occasionally people feel queasy at the sight of some procedures - it is okay to step away from the tour as needed.

Register for a tour:

Name *

Fred Meyer Rewards Expired!

Links for Fred Meyer Community Rewards Expired in june! RENEW YOURS TODAY!

If you are you one of the many who linked your Fred Meyer rewards card to FCCO to help raise funds for the cats - thank you! Last quarter, 259 households raised an incredible $842.73 in donations - but those links expired on June 30!

Help us maintain this generous funding source by RE-linking your rewards today! It's also a great time to SIGN UP, if you haven't already. You get all the regular rewards and bonus coupons, and the cats also get rewarded!
Relink your card to our Community Rewards program through an email sent from Fred Meyer on June 8 OR by logging on to your account at fred/ rewards.

Every time you shop and use your Rewards Card you continue to help us earn a donation! Remember, you still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates. Get more information about Fred Meyer Community Rewards Customer Re-enrollment here.

For fun, look at your account summary and scroll to the bottom to see the amount you raised for FCCO last quarter!