90,000 Cats Helped!


Meet Poppy, the landmark 90,000th cat helped by FCCO. She and her litter of four teenage kittens (Porcini, Portabella, Pomegranate and Potato) were all brought to FCCO's clinic by their caregivers Jennifer and David who live in Estacada.

We spayed/neutered Poppy and her kittens on January 18, 2018. To reach 90,000 cats is an incredible milestone for our organization that literally began with boxes of donated supplies loaded in the back of a little Honda more than 20 years ago. We are very excited about how far we've come, and we know we could not have accomplished any of it without your support. Thank you!

Jennifer and David first noticed the kittens playing on their front porch last fall. Since then they have been feeding this little family, built them a heated, waterproof shelter, created a raccoon-proof feeding system, and started a blog for all their kitty adventures! Click here to read more from the blog and see many adorable photos.


Many thanks to KGW-TV for coming out to celebrate our 90,000th cat! Watch their video below.