Today is a great day to GIVE!


WHAT is the Give!Guide?  

Willamette Week’s Give!Guide is an annual year-end giving effort showcasing non-profit organizations in the Portland area. Last year nearly $4.2 million was raised for 149 organizations through the Give!Guide. We are honored to be included in this holiday-giving campaign.

Your donations through the Give!Guide are secure and 100% tax-deductible.

WHY donate through the Give!Guide?

    1. It's an easy way to show the community the support for the catsSee giving stats.
    2. If you are 35 or under you can help earn FCCO an extra $1,000 (nonprofits with the most young donors in each category will be awarded $1,000). See where FCCO stands.
    3. You get special incentives! 
    4. BIG GIVE days offer chances to win amazing prizes!