Feeding feral or stray cats?
We can help!

If you are feeding a feral or stray cat

  • If the cat recently showed up, try to identify where the cat came from to make sure you aren’t feeding your neighbor’s or someone’s lost cat. Try and get the cat back to their home whenever possible. Ask around to see if anyone else is also feeding the cat. More ideas to help find a cat's home.
  • Put the cat on a schedule and feed him/her at the same time every day. Pull the food when they are finished eating. Do not free feed. Feed the cat for at least a week before contacting FCCO.
  • Contact FCCO to schedule an appointment. Clinics are currently in SW Portland. You can call us at 503-797-2606 or you can complete our spay/neuter form and we will follow up with you.  See our clinic schedule.

If you know someone who is feeding feral or stray cats

  • Approach the person who is feeding the cats and have a conversation about the importance of spaying/neutering. An open-minded and non-confrontational approach works best. Remember that not everyone will be open to your help, at least not right away. Offer to help now or in the future. Don’t give up. It may take several conversations.
  • When the person feeding the cats is open to spaying and neutering, or learning more about it, direct them to our website or hand them an a downloadable FCCO brochure. Offer again to help them. The caregiver may feel overwhelmed by the trapping or transporting of the cats, and your help might be just what they need to get it done. Compassion and patience is important.
  • To schedule an appointment, call FCCO at 503-797-2606. You can help with trapping, transportation, donations, and even drop-off/pick-up, but the caregiver should be the one who signs the release form to use our service.

If you have become aware of feral or stray cats at a specific location

Ear Tipped Feral Cat

  • A good place to start is to see if any of the cats have an ear tip [see a photo]. If they do, the cats have been spayed/neutered.
  • If they do not have an ear tip, look around to see if you can locate a feeding site to confirm that the cats are being fed on a regular basis. If you don't find one, ask neighbors and businesses in the area if they know who is feeding the cats. If someone is, refer to the steps above. If you find a feeding station, you can also leave a note about spaying/neutering and your willingness to help TNR the cats.

If no one is feeding the cats, are you willing to feed them?

Maybe with some help from friends, neighbors or family members it could be a joint effort. We know it is a big commitment, but please don't look the other way. The cats need your help. We are here to assist you get the cats spayed/neutered.