New Entryway for FCCO

Thank you for your time and interest in our entryway improvement project. Together we will improve access for our much-needed services.

Donate Now

Purrs of thanks to Ralph and Sandi Miller for their lead gift, and to the Ed Cauduro Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation for a $10,000 challenge match. The new entryway door project is a critical improvement to our facility and we are honored that our supporters understand the significance of this project.

Our incredible donors have generously contributed to help us meet the $10,000 challenge match. You can still make a special one-time gift to help make this project a reality. Thank you for your interest and support. 

New Entryway Benefits:

  • The 4-foot opening will be a foot wider than the existing door, making it easier to carry two cats through at a time. It will also make it easier to roll large racks filled with cats through the doors.
  • Automatic door operation will allow for hands-free accessibility.
  • Clear anodized aluminum finish is sturdy and will camouflage scratches.
  • The commercial grade door will provide improved security for people and cats on premises.
  • Improved energy efficiency of the doors will reduce heating and cooling loss and save money.